Turnkey solutions

A complete outfitting of turn-key galleys on board of cruise ships, ferries, megayacth, platform off-shore. Precetti has a design system that results in weight reduction, lower maintenance, noise, vibration and elimination of water infiltrations. Constant innovation and total attention to details, from the project to the product, the best quality is offered at a competitive cost. The goal of Precetti system is to reach top performance and maximum reliability.

Project management

Precetti guarantees high quality products, designed and tailormade according to our clients’ specific requirements. Precetti acts responsibly to research optimal solutions while respecting product, environmental and safety regulations.

Precetti, one of the leading companies in the marine hospitality and catering system, is expanding itself also within the Mega Yacht industry. We have over twenty years of experience in building and refurbishing galleys, storage rooms, laundries and pantries for cruise vessels, ferries and riverboats.

Engineering & Design

Combining our knowledge with a constantly updated technology, our experts are able to prevent any type of problem or accident. Our feasibility studies in 2D and 3D are able to optimize the outcome and prevent any costly mistakes. Our reputation is given by the satisfaction of our customers and starts with the selection of materials of the highest quality: stainless steel, stone and wood. Precetti Srl offers its customers flexibility and advice in selecting the equipment. Our professionalism combined with the latest technology allows us to obtain optimum results in matter of safety, hygiene and reliability. The operation levels of all systems meet the most rigorous standards.

Manufacturing & Installation

The quality of our products, the competence and experience of our staff, the professionalism of our partners and the state-of-the-art of our productions allow us to provide a product compliant with the highest standards. All our productions are in compliance with US-PHS and USCG standards. Our main objective is to deliver products and services of the highest quality.

After sales services

Customers can rely on a qualified and careful service also after the delivery of the project, thanks to an effective after-sales support which is active world wide. On-board assistance is a must for Precetti’s Customer Service. All products and turn-key installations are carried out with an extreme attention to details as required by catering areas.

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