Total and partial refurbishments of cruise ship cabins

Precetti Inc. manufactures modular cabins, industrializes and takes care of the assembling on board, through a highly qualified staff. It is an ideal partner also for total and partial refurbishments in different areas of expertise, where the quality of the finishings are accompanied by the variable of time, to redevelop and renovate, also through design, public spaces and cabins of any standard.

A cruise ship cabin is a complex structure; in a space defined by modular walls, arrangement, functionality and comfort must find a proper arrangement in order to allow guests to live an extraordinary experience. Thanks to a strengthened tradition, also in the field of modular structures, Precetti Inc. manufactures cabins with high quality and safety standards, using materials chosen and crafted with great care. Suites and cabins are assembled and installed by a trained staff, on the world’s major cruise ships.


Suite Cabins


Standard Cabins

Crew Cabins

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