Global Marine Refit

- Nothing short of excellence -

Full service contractor in marine refitting projects

Precetti Inc. is an American company based in Miami, Florida, that uses advanced technologies to build and refit cabins and suites, wet spaces, public areas, indoor and outdoor restaurants on board cruise ships and ferries.
It also outfits galleys, storage rooms and self-service bars.

About us

Public areas

  • Restaurants

  • Buffets – Self Services

  • SPA Centers – Gyms

  • Dining halls


Catering areas

  • Galleys

  • Bars

  • Pantries

  • Cold Stores


Accommodation areas

  • Suite Cabins

  • Standard Cabins

  • Crew Cabins


Partners at work

PCUBE represents the evolution of a reality with sixty years of experience in the international marine industry. A group that includes three specialized companies and with different features, designed to meet the different needs of the customer providing tailored services of cruise ships, ferries, megayacth, platform off-shore.

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